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North Island Resupply[edit]

This is a list of the most convenient resupply locations on or near the trail on the north island. The "trail location" column is the closest point on the trail to the "resupply town" it is listed with. In most cases, these are the same, because you walk directly through the towns. In some cases, however, you need to walk or hitch off the trail to get to a resupply point.

km trail location resupply town off trail km location notes
0 Cape Reinga Auckland 0 Countdown initial supply
0 Cape Reinga Kaitaia 11 PakNSave Intercity buses will drop you in Kaitaia. Can shop at PakNSave before heading to Cape Reinga
100 Ahipara Ahipara 0 Four Square small and expensive
100 Ahipara Kaitaia 11 PakNSave cheap, easy hitch from Ahipara
159 Mangamuka Bridge Kaitaia 30 PakNSave It's common to go from Ahipara to Kerikeri without resupplying here
222 Kerikeri Kerikeri 4 Countdown, New World 4km from Pagodas campsite, comprehensive. Bunnings have gas canisters.
242 Paihia Paihia 0 Countdown
??? Matapouri Matapouri 0 Dairy Takeaways, Dairy. Off Trail 100m East of the Morrison Rdad intersection at Wehiwehi / Matapouri Road Intersection
336 Ngunguru Ngunguru 0 Four Square small supermarket. expensive but useful. Takeaways adjacent to shops. Salt Air Cafe has WIFI.
396 Taurikura Taurikura 0 Four Square On Whangarei Heads Rd. Opposite Taurikura Rd.
407 Ruakaka Ruakaka 2 Four Square, SuperValue have to cut in off of beach
415 Waipu Waipu 0 Four Square
443 Mangawhai Mangawhai 0 Four Square
484 Matakana Matakana 5 Matakana Store need to hitchhike from Govan Wilson road
530 Puhoi Puhoi 0 Puhoi General Store
547 Orewa Orewa 0 Countdown, New World
596 Auckland Auckland 0 Multiple
629 Auckland airport Auckland airport 0 Countdown
643 Clevedon Clevedon 0 Superette bit expensive but sufficient
760 Huntly Huntly 0 Countdown good supermarket a short walk from town
777 Ngaruawahia Ngaruawahia 0 New World
797 Hamilton Hamilton 0 Countdown, Pak’n Save big town, many shops
903 Te Kuiti Te Kuiti 1 New World
1045 Taumaranui Taumaranui 0 New World 4km before the campsite
1158 National Park Ohakune 30 New World
1210 Whakahoro Campsite Whakahoro Campsite 0 Food can be delivered with canoe for river journey, arrange with rental company
1370 Whanganui Whanganui 0 Countdown, New World big town, many shops
1425 Bulls Bulls 0 Four Square
1446 Fielding Fielding 0 Countdown
1469 Palmerston North Palmerston North 0 Countdown, Pak’n Save big town, many shops
1530 Gladstone Road Levin 9 New World small town, might be a hard hitch, good shops
1600 Waikanae Waikanae 0 Countdown big town, many shops
1645 Porirua Porirua 0 New World, Four Square
1675 Wellington Wellington 0

South Island resupply[edit]

See also: Food Drops

km trail location resupply town off trail km location notes
1700 Ship Cove Wellington/Picton 0 New World, Fresh Choice Wellington is before a ferry ride, but bigger
1782 Havelock Havelock 0 Four Square Big enough and right in town
1930 St. Arnaud Blenheim 102 New World Very common to mail food box to St. Arnaud, see Food Drops
1930 St. Arnaud Nelson 87 Countdown Very common to mail food box to St. Arnaud, see Food Drops
1930 St. Arnaud St Arnaud 0 Alpine Store General store in town
2043 Boyle Village Hanmer Springs 50 Four Square Common food drop, see Food Drops
2154 Arthur's Pass Greymouth 50 New World Common food drop, see see Food Drops
2226 Lake Coleridge (Rakaia) Methven 50 Four Square Can also mail a food drop, see Food Drops
2226 Lake Coleridge (Rakaia) Christchurch 120 New World Can also mail a food drop, see Food Drops
2389 Lake Tekapo Lake Tekapo 0 Four Square A bit small and expensive but could be useful, would need 2 days
2446 Twizel Twizel 0 Four Square 2 Four Squares in Twizel, big one is quite good
2587 Wanaka Wanaka 0 New World In the centre of town (Arrowtown on the way but very expensive)
2674 Queenstown Queenstown 0 Four Square Larger New World at Frankton, and Countdown at 5 Mile (on trail from Arrowtown)
2829 Highway 94 Te Anau 30 Fresh Choice
2916 Otautau-Tuatapere Rd Otautau 12 SuperValue In town - bigger than the Four Square
2990 Riverton Riverton 0 SuperValue Just enough to get to Bluff or Invercargill
3023 Invercargill Invercargill 0 PakNSave, Countdown, New World
3054 Bluff Bluff 0 Four Square

Food Drops[edit]

There are several areas on the trail where it is convenient to mail a food drop, rather than struggling to resupply out of a tiny dairy or hitchhiking extremely long distances on low traffic roads. Below are common places to mail food drops.

When mailing a food drop, always write your name and rough expected arrival date in an obvious place on the box. It is generally preferable to call the place you wish to send your package ahead of time and let them know to expect it in the mail.


This food drop is usually not needed, as most hikers make it from Cape Reinga to Ahipare in one go. It is possible to hitch from Hukatere to a small 4Square in Houhora. However if you want to start with a less heavy backpack from Cape Reinga, this might be for you.

<your name>
Houhora, 0484

Host phone is 021884145. The parcel needs about 3-4 days to arrive.


This is a less common food drop, as there is a Four Square in Havelock. However, it is relatively small and expensive, and usually has to supply 9+ days of food for the Pelorus River/Richmond Alpine Range section. Some prefer to mail cheaper/more varied food from Wellington or Picton. Note that the postage cost probably cancels out any real savings on food.

<your name>
c/o Bluemoon Lodge
48 Main Rd Havelock
Blenheim, 7100

St. Arnaud[edit]

St. Arnaud is probably the most common town to mail a food drop to. It is very remote, and catching a ride back after resupplying in Nelson or Blenheim is very difficult.

<your name>
c/o Travers-Sabine Lodge
P.O. Box 15
St. Arnaud, 7053

  • The Alpine Lodge also accepts packages for guests. Contact them directly for the address.

Boyle Village[edit]

Boyle Village is a relatively popular food drop destination. The "village" is not much more than a wide spot in the road. Many people choose to hitchhike to Hanmer Springs, and resupply there.

Arthur's Pass[edit]

Arthur's Pass is another fairly common food drop destination. This is a more active tourist town, so hitching to/from AP is somewhat easier than, say, St. Arnaud.

<your name>
c/o The Mountain House
P.O. Box 12
Arthur's Pass, 7654

Lake Coleridge[edit]

There are no shops in Lake Coleridge so most people hitch to Methven and resupply in person although supplies are limited and can be expensive. Methven travel also offer a shuttle service to the start of the trail head on Monday to Friday during the school term. Lake Coleridge is just north of the Raikaia River Hazard Zone.

Alternatively the Lake Coleridge Lodge accepts packages for walkers that stay at the Lodge free of charge and also offer a shuttle service. This is more expensive (and there is no camping option) but convenient and full details are on their website under the activities tab. You should definitely book in advance though (TA walkers get free date changes) since the owners run their business around booked guests and can be closed at other times.

Note there is no easy access public land between Harper campsite and Rakaia Gorge that is available for camping so it is best to aim to get from Harper campsite to either Lake Coleridge Lodge, Rakaia Gorge campground or Methven.


Taylors Lodge (03 225-4510; 021 307 505) accepts parcels for guests. It is 3 to 4 days south of the Te Anau road and another 3 to Colac Bay (where the only food to speak of is a meal at the pub, so add another day's food required if you want to cook your own before Riverton).

Bounce Boxes[edit]

Thru hikers commonly (but not universally) use "bounce boxes" to mail supplies to themselves along the trail. They are called a bounce boxes because you "bounce" them from post shop to post shop as you walk along the trail. Common items for bounce boxes include things like extra shoes, extra clothing, contact lenses, batteries, and special food items.

Some, but not all, New Zealand post shops offer "poste restante" services, and will hold packages for up to 3 months. Standard postage rates apply when mailing the package, and there is generally a per-week charge for holding packages (although most post shops don't actually make you pay this).

Bounce boxes make it possible to access heavy and/or rarely used items without having to carry them with you. However, there are some downsides to using a bounce box. Postage for a bounce box can be expensive, especially if it is a large or heavy box. Using one also commits you to stopping in a specific town, and being there when the post shop is open.

Mailing a package[edit]

All Poste Restante mail should be addressed as follows:

<your name>
Poste Restante
Town, postcode

For example:

David Franklin
Poste Restante
Levin 5510
New Zealand

Poste Restante locations on or near the TA[edit]

KM PostShop Address Phone Notes
102 Kaitaia 104 Commerce Street, Kaitaia 0410 09 408 6159 Hitch from Ahipara
226 Kerikeri 6 Hobson Avenue, Kerikeri 0230 09 407 9721
246 Paihia 2 Williams Road, Paihia 0200 09 402 8623
336 Whangarei 16 - 20 Rathbone Street, Whangarei 0110 09 430 2762 Hitch from Ngunguru
606 Auckland Ground Floor, Bledisloe Bldg, 24 Wellesley Street, Auckland 1010 09 379 6714
808 Hamilton 536 Angelsea Street, Hamilton 3204 07 838 2708
1055 Taumarunui 47 - 49 Miriama Street, Taumarunui 3920 07 895 8146
1379 Wanganui 115 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui 4500 06 345 0348
1473 Palmerston North 328 Church Street, Palmerston North 4410 06 353 6195
1687 Wellington 2 Manners Street, Wellington 6011 04 801 2422
1700 Picton 72 High Street, Picton 7220 03 520 3021
2613 Wanaka 39 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305 03 443 8247
2707 Queenstown 13 Camp Street, Queenstown 9300 03 442 4972
3036 Invercargill 51 Don Street, Invercargill 9810 03 214 7702

For a complete list of poste restante locations in New Zealand, visit:

Other Bounce Box Addresses on or near the TA[edit]

  • Ngunguru Connection

Hilton & Melva Ward
The Riverbank Homestay and B&B
12 Old Mill Ln
Whangarei 0173
Ph +64 9 9460074 (Please call the day before pickup so we can be sure to be home to give you your parcel)

  • Taumarunui Holiday Park

487 Totara St, Taumarunui (for courier)
P.O.Box 446, Taumarunui (for postal)
Ph. (07) 895 9345
Happy to hold parcels here for walkers intending to stay with us